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If you’d like to have a go at team events representing Battle at Summer or Winter Area Qualifiers,  or at the friendly team events that fellow riding clubs also run, do get in touch with the committee. You can also enter as an individual, provided you are a member. As we are one of the smaller ( but still beautiful!) clubs the opportunity to be on a team is often more available, and certainly we’d love to support you in this.

Below are important points or notices that you do need to know if you are competing in a team, but if it all seems a bit daunting – do not fear! Help is at hand! We have very experienced people who can advise!

The main purpose of being on a team is to have fun which is what the riding club movement is all about, and of course to improve our riding alongside others who have similar interests. Battle has qualified for the National competitions on a number of occasions. Our attitude is a positive one as primarily we want people to enjoy the experience – and do it again!


Back protectors should be worn at all times for X country riding and are recommended for show jumping. Hats must be manufactured to specification EN1384, PASO15, or prefixed with ASTM or SEI as the minimum standard allowed. BSEN14572 is the next standard to be introduced, which is intended to run alongside EN 1834.
(Greater protection is considered to be offered by prefixes PAS & ASTM.)
When mounted, everyone must wear a correctly adjusted and fastened hat.


If you wish to represent Battle in the Area 10 2008 Qualifiers then you need to make sure your horse’s Flu Certificate is correct (we can check it for you), we also need a copy of it. A list of your Equine qualifications is required along with details of all the points/money your horse has won in any of the following: BSJA, BE, BD. Details of the Qualifier you are interested in and your availability for that Qualifier and details of when you can help is also required.
Each discipline has various restrictions so if we know what you have done we can (hopefully) only enter you in things you are eligible for.

When you declare an interest in being in a team
Photocopies must be sent to:
Diane Baker
Gotham Farm, Sandhurst Lane, Whydown, Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex TN39 4RH

June 2010 - Pebbles 338 - smallClick Here for More Info


You’ll find all the relevant 2015 entry forms for this year’s qualifiers at this link
(all forms are Word documents unless otherwise stated)

BRC Hat Guidelines 2016

Only hats to the following specification are acceptable at any BRC competition
Download details here


The European Commission have made changes to the EN1384 hat standard (this also includes BSEN1384) and it will no longer be recognised as an acceptable standard for riding hats in the UK. However, in order to phase out the use of EN1384 and/or BSEN1384 hat standards, the BRC 2015 / 2016 hat rules will be changed as follows:

  • There will be no changes to the accepted hat standards for 2015 and hats will continue to be tagged with the BRC blue hat tags.
  • However, from 1 January 2016, ALL hats must be checked and tagged with a new ORANGE BRC hat tag. All hats which only meet the standard EN1384 or BSEN1384, and do not comply with another standard off the above list, WILL NOT be accepted and therefore will not be permitted for any BRC competition. Hats which bear EN1384 or BSEN1384 along with another standard from the above list, will be tagged. For example, BSEN1384 & PAS015 (1998 or 2011) along with the Kitemark, would be acceptable, but not BSEN1384 on its own.
  • From 1 January 2016, no hats with a peak of any description will be permitted for the XC phase of any BRC competition. Hat covers and silks will be permitted. This wording will be added to the BRC 2015 Rule Book so that members have a year’s notice as to the changes that we will be implementing in 2016. We will also be putting this in Rider, Enews and on Facebook.

BETA press statement explains a little more detail and also each discipline’s stance on accepted hats going forward.


BRC Body Protector Guidelines 2015

Download details here

Equine Influenza

** Click here for the Flu Vacc Checker Program for 2016**

canstockphoto6459244Following a review undertaken in conjunction with the Animal
Health Trust BRC have updated the Flu Vacc rules.

Summary: Providing that a horse has been given the first two vaccinations correctly and that there are no errors in the annual vaccinations for the past five calendar years then the horse will be accepted for BRC Qualifiers and Championships.


Download Questions and Answers doc

Click here for the Flu Vacc Checker Program



Team Organisers Rules   Download here

British Dressage rules

British Show Jumping rules

British Eventing rules

BHS Riding Clubs rules