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with brand new Alexander’s Royal Ascot 3.5t horsebox.

It is a beautiful box and has been built to the highest safety standards, it includes built in Satellite navigation, CCTV in the horse area, reversing cameras, a large fan in the horse area to keep them cool and a temperature monitor in the horse area, which you can read in the cab to make sure they are not getting too hot. There is also a living area in the back which is perfect for getting changed when you’re out and about, this has seating and lots of storage space.

Prices are:
£100 per day (Mon-Fri)
£70 extra day (Mon-Fri)
£125 (Sat or Sun)
£250 from Fri eve to Mon morn
£500 per week

Prices include VAT, Insurance for anyone between 23 and 75 and breakdown cover including horse rescue. or Facebook page:
Phone number is 07975997098 and email


Affordable, friendly, local horsebox hire with an Approved driver, able and willing to help if needed.

  • Do you need to move a horse or pony from A to B and don’t feel you have the experience or confidence to hire a self drive horsebox?
  • Are you long suffering non-horsey parents roped into going to shows and feeling a bit out of your depth?
  • Are you wanting to go out and compete, but are on your own, and feel you just need an extra pair of hands?

I can help. I am an ex groom with 30 years experience with horses and ponies of all shapes sizes and ages. I am DEFRA approved, licensed and fully insured. Why not hire me and my horsebox to drive you to where ever you want to go? I am happy to help out at the show, once we are there.

I can also do for example trips to lessons or clinics, sponsored rides, collecting or delivering a newly purchased horse or pony.  Why not call me for a chat and find out how I can help you? You CAMILLA’S HORSETRANSPORT .CO.UK
may be surprised, it might be cheaper than you think!

To give you an idea of the cost involved, I base my charges on £30 an hour driving time, and £10 an hour helping time, which is negotiable depending upon how much and what I am required to do.

In the normal course of events I do not make a charge for time spent waiting, but there may be some exceptions, depending on the circumstances. I can tell you accurately if you give me a call.

Call me on 07773 393193 for a friendly chat about your needs, and how I can help.