Club Activities

Battle runs a number of events and activities throughout the year, both open to all and just for its members. These may be competitive large and small dressage or jumping competitions, or clinic style training opportunities which simulate the competitive environment.

Building rider and horse confidence is key and we have always been known for the quality and attention to detail of the training or coaching we supply. We also try to look for new or different approaches to engage with our members needs, and are always ready to listen to what you need.

Some of the most successful have been our dressage clinics with people attending who are riding at very different levels. Careful selection of the right trainer to meet the needs of the group is standard for us.We also vary the venues for the same group of rider and horse combinations so the experience is different and helps our ‘ponies’ to get ‘miles on the clock’ in safe and reassuring sessions.

So whether you are an experienced rider or a ‘happy hacker’ who’d like to  try different things, we can help! We won’t be pressuring you to compete or be on a team if you don’t want to! Some of our riders just want to progress and improve or have ago at things, while others have young or green horses they need help with so they can enjoy their riding more.

‘Points Make Prizes’

Don’t forget also that we have the Competition point cards available on request – where you can collect points from anything you have done- anywhere- including pleasure rides / Le Trek to qualify for one of our trophies. The trophies are presented at the AGM.

Download your Points card here.

If you cannot download the card email us and we’ll get a hard copy to you.
They will run 1 December – 1 December each year.

If you have a list of events (in whatever discipline)  you have entered  can you let us have your card before December 7th so they can be counted toward the Trophies for this year, to be presented at the AGM.

Remember – any events count not just ours!

Click Here for a copy of Battle RC tests

Walk & Trot Test 1
Walk & Trot Test 2
Walk & Trot Test 3
Walk & Trot Test 4
Walk & Trot Test 5


Team Participation

100_5273If you’d like to have a go at team events representing Battle at Summer or Winter Area Qualifiers,  or at the friendly team events that fellow riding clubs also run, do get in touch with the committee. You can also enter as an individual, provided you are a member. As we are one of the smaller ( but still beautiful!) clubs the opportunity to be on a team is often more available, and certainly we’d love to support you in this.

Below are important points or notices that you do need to know if you are competing in a team, but if it all seems a bit daunting – do not fear! Help is at hand! We have very experienced people who can advise!

The main purpose of being on a team is to have fun which is what the riding club movement is all about, and of course to improve our riding alongside others who have similar interests. Battle has qualified for the National competitions on a number of occasions. Our attitude is a positive one as primarily we want people to enjoy the experience – and do it again!

Check out our Facebook page to see what everybody is up to and get in touch if you want to be involved.


British Dressage rules

British Show Jumping rules

British Eventing Rules 

BHS Riding Clubs rules

Below are activities Battle typically runs – but this isn’t everything!

You’ll find up to date items on our Facebook page.

Summer unaffiliated dressage series – usually 3 in a series aimed at the grass roots rider. 

Social evenings and Quizzes

Christmas dinner and social

Horse Rider Position Training with Amelia Wilbourn

Dressage Test Riding with Simon Laurens at Poppinghole Farm Near Robertsbridge

Pole work with Shane Carter 


Beginners/Novice Cross-Country training usually at Comphurst CXC Windmill Hill.



Beginners/Novice Cross-Country training usually at Comphurst CXC Windmill Hill.