Battle and District Riding Club

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Welcome to Battle, one of the most historic riding clubs in the country, having been founded in 1951 as one of the original riding clubs and still thriving today!

Our history:
This long established and greatly loved club has important connections, one of which was that when at school in Benenden, Anne the Princess Royal was a member!

What we are like:
Battle is a welcoming club covering a wide area that listens to its member’s ideas and endeavours to provide what they really want. You will not find an unwanted high-pressure culture here, but if you want to compete we’ll support you to help you on your way! See Club Activities

Competing – or not…
We do send teams to the British Riding Club Area competitions, and individuals are also supported at these events too, but if competing is not your thing and you just want to improve that’s fine too. We’re open to new ideas too, so ask away!

We have loads of cups and trophies that are awarded to the winners of events, these include Dressage, Show Jumping and Hunter Trial Championships, and which are included in an accumulative points card scheme. Everything equestrian that you do counts towards our scheme, including training. A Points card can be downloaded here.

Your commitment:
Some people think they will be expected to show up at everything we do – not so! You can do as little as you want as a member, which is to help on one occasion only, or get really involved, whatever you like!

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